The New Afrikan Independence Party  recognizes the importance of Black electoral politics. Check out the following election campaigns of the  NAIP.

All Power to The People!!!

Ministry of Elections and Legislative Action


New Afrikan Independence Party

Basic requirements for NAIP candidates seeking public office 

In order to run for any public office as a member of and/or ballot line of the New Afrikan Independence Party, the following requirements must be met:

1.    You must be an organizational member of the New Afrikan Independence Party (NAIP) in good standing. Your completed membership application must be on file with our national office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2.    You must be registered with your local board of elections as a member of the New Afrikan Independence Party (NAIP).

3.    You must have been an active Party member for at least six (6) months prior to your candidacy. Active party members are those who attend and participate in Political Education and Community Organizing classes, attend NAIP-sponsored events and actively support NAIP projects and programs.

4.    You must demonstrate a basic understanding of the ‘Philosophy and Platform of the New Afrikan Independence Party’.

5.    Your campaign must be supported by your local chapter and leadership.

All Power To The People!
Khalid Raheem
Chairman & Founder
January 16, 2017